Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Great Time At The Lake

Great time at our annual Lake Norman
"George Dickel Red Cup Society" cookout!
We thank Keith for not only being a great host,
but also for being the wonderful friend he is
to all of us!
A few pics of our fun

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Old Troubadours Are At It Again!

You Get Tuffer' With Age!
It appears it's time for Jake &
Kenny to embarq on what they
call their "Old Troubadour" ride.
It has become an annual event
and is now in it's third year runnin'.
Their plans are to head to North Dakota
by way of Chicago.

Kenny should get yet another two states, totaling 46 to date, of his
lower 48 goal. I guess they will stop and rest when one of them
whines! Fairly competitive these two! They pull out at the
"Butt-Crack" of Dawn on Monday, June 21st, and I guess
we'll see them sometime when they return. I think the trip is
slated for 3100 miles in 5 days............................8D

Post Trip Update!
Our trip went pretty much "As Planned". Had to reverse the overall trip format to avoid super bad storms.
We did 3050 miles in 4 day & 2 hours. Covered 14 states and qualified for two "Iron Butt" awards.
I think I speak for Jake as well as myself "We had a ball and feel like we've achieved a very large accomplishment".