Friday, August 27, 2010

Our August Special Mtg

Our August meeting was dedicated to raising some money for a
special need. The "Turn out" was great and the giving was
wonderful. We thank Dano, Vernon and Rhonda for a very good
time. We further thank Trey & Joe for the music!... It's always
a pleasure to listen to them play!
Vernon has been discussed many times over the last year and
the possibility of asking him to become a member. Well, it was
voted on, approved, and Vernon accepted. We welcome Vernon
to our group. There is no doubt he will bring even more light to
a very wonderful group of people! Attached are a few pics of our
August George Dickel Red Cup Society Mtg.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our New England Trip 2010

Man!...Where do I start...We had such a large time...We rode
around 2200 miles, no rain, and had so much fun. We thank
Arnie, Dave, and Tom for showing us an outstanding time in
beautiful Vermont. We just can't get enough of that place.
Pretty much decicided we're gonna have to do this every
other year or so. There is so much more to see!

We have decided a "Southern Man" has no business on the
Jersey Turnpike. We're not ready for the stress, and they're
not ready for the outcome! We have unanimously decided,
they can keep that place!...Actually witnessed a 31 mile
traffic jam in Washington, DC.....Too many people and no
plan to move them around...That's our take!

Take a look at the photos and enjoy!
Great time, Great laughs, Great memories!...................8D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Upcoming Vermont Trip

It's Time!
We only have a few
days left before we depart
for New England.
Arnie is goin' to meet
us along the way and ride
a few with us. I can't
imagine us ever getting tired
of taking in this beautiful countryside. There are a few
that still need to confirm.
.Don't miss this one!...We intend to have a blast!